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Los Angeles Nude Guys (LANG) exists for gay and bisexual men who practice and appreciate nudity with other naked men. LANG is a social club which fosters meaningful friendships and good times. LANG is about getting to know each other, bonding, sharing great times together. We are a happy, smiling, friendly and fun-loving group of guys.

LANG social and recreational nude activities include Jacuzzi and swimming pool parties, cocktail parties, backyard barbeques, potluck dinners, day hikes, weekend getaways to Palm Springs and other naturist activities throughout the year.

LANG has been organizing nude social events in the Greater Los Angeles, California area since 1987, bringing together gay and bisexual men who enjoy a healthy, nude lifestyle, and encouraging an active interest in social nudism. Membership and attendance at LANG activities and events is limited to men at least 21 years old.